Family Matters

Struggles in Scotland

St Cuthbert's Church, York

As far as I can ascertain, the Coates family lived in Yorkshire for more than 200 years. That changed somewhat in the early 19th century.“ Robert Coates, my fourth great-grandfather, was born in 1781 and baptised in St Cuthbert’s Church, in the Peasholme Green area of York. The church remains

Where it all began…

Easingwold - home town of James Coates

Run a Google search for the meaning of my surname and you’ll see this: “English: status name for a cottager, or a topographic name for someone who lived in a relatively humble dwelling (from Middle English cotes, plural (or genitive) of cote, cott), or a habitational name from any of

Doing it for the kids

Me with Lilly at Middlesbrough FC

Who do you think you are? As a question, it can have negative connotations and is usually asked of those considered “bolshie” or with plenty to say for themselves… which might explain why I seem to have heard it rather a lot. But it can also be a fair question,